If you can imagine that you are looking at a cake that has been divided into 12 pieces. On the outside of each piece is a constellation and these 12 constellations move round the outside of the cake every 2 hours. Now imagine you are standing in the middle of the cake looking out.

Each piece of the cake is called a house in Astrology and has its own meaning, and their numbering starts from the East and runs counter clockwise. You look East down the edge of a piece of cake, you see where the Sun rises, called the Ascendant and you look West down the edge of another piece of cake, where the Sun sets is called the Descendant.

When you were born, the Sun rose in the East in one of the constellations (this is your Ascendant sign) and moved around to the time of your birth in one of the constellations (this is your Sun sign, often mistakenly called your “star” sign.) Also, when you were born, the Moon was in a constellation (this is your Moon sign.)

Now imagine the other planets of the Solar system around your cake, and you can see they are at different angles from each other in relation to you. The angles are known as Aspects in Astrology and define how the planet affects your life.

What you see is a pattern that forms your personality.

If you wish to calculate your Natal chart and get an interpretation of your chart, I have a script that will calculate this for you here: You will need to know the latitude and longitude of your birthplace, you can find this by using Alois Treindl’s Astrodienst Atlas Database