The eyes don’t lie

The eyes don’t lie is a popular saying, which made people think that it could be used for lie detection. The problem is that the eyes communicate the pattern the person is experiencing at that moment in time. If you ask someone to picture a purple tree, you will see their eyes go to Visual […]

Being mesmerised?

Where does “Being Mesmerised” come from? You would have thought it would come from Mesmer, Mesmer did create a theory he called “animal magnetism” or “mesmerism”  based on magnets to impede bleeding. However, it was James Braid, a Scottish surgeon who discovered that an altered state of consciousness could be induced through the use of […]


Willpower Complementary Therapy is a do-with culture, in that it requires your co-operation for its success. It doesn’t work like surgery, where a surgeon operates to remove the bad parts in your body. Willpower is the most important component of Complementary Therapy. You are not going to be able to lose weight or stop smoking […]

The human body

Without a doubt the human body is amazing. We tend to think of the spine as being the connection between the brain and body, which serves as the central nervous system. This controls muscles and provides feedback from tendons and the skin. There is more to us than our muscles and skin. The Autonomic Nervous […]

Hypnosis and its changes…

Hypnosis has been around for centuries, and has long been misinterpreted into something else by Hollywood. Hypnosis is a do with rather than a do to process. You cannot hypnotise someone, like a surgeon can cut someone open. What you can do is provide the assistance for someone to go into hypnosis. Hypnosis is simply […]

Esdaile state as a euphoric state

When James Esdaile created his “Esdaile coma” state to perform surgery in India before the days of chemical anaesthetics, he managed to perform operations with a high success rate as well as a high survival rate. After James Esdaile died, his state was almost forgotten, except by the occasional stage hypnotist who would hypnotise someone […]

Hypnosis and sleep

One of the biggest things hypnotists will tell you is that hypnosis is not sleep. When James Braid coined the word as an alternative to Mesmerism and seeing his subject go into a sleep like state, he coined Hypnosis after the Greek god of sleep, Hypnos. In hypnosis circles, the state of somnambulism (sleep walking) […]

NLP Modelling

One of the most important thing about NLP is the ability to expand to your needs. Its a requirement of the Master Practitioner to extend NLP with your own models. The idea is to code your model using NLP code. Coding is actually very simple but involves an understanding of sensory acuity: Visual internal (Vi) […]

Breakthrough sessions

At the end of November this year, I (and 30 of my friends) completed the NLP Master Practitioner training in Ecclefechan, Scotland. One of the exercises was a breakthrough session, where we would be given someone who had a problem and would work with them until we had a solution to their problem in very […]

Dualism vs Materialism

Dualism and Materialism (also called Monism) are two psychological theories. At first, psychologists supported Dualism, or the idea that the brain and mind are two separate entities. This gave rise to the possibility of the unconscious being the physical brain, the subconscious and conscious being part of the mind. The theory of materialism on the […]