In Astrology, the solar system is depicted on a flat surface a bit like a clock, with you standing in the centre. At the time and location of your birth, the planets can be found somewhere in this clock. the constellations are located on the outside and progress around the chart every 2 hours. The chart is an inverse representation of the solar system and appears to run backwards. Each section is referred to as a planetary house and has its own meaning to the planets that are found in the house when the chart is read.

The chart is always read from the point where the Sun rose on the day you were born, in the East and that is known as the Ascendant and serves as the mask you wear. The Sun features in the chart where it was when you were born and that is called your Sun sign (mistakenly called your “star” sign.) Likewise, all the other planets feature in the chart in the respective houses.

Once these have been read, the angle that each planet makes from you and another planet alters its power over you and its meaning.



If you wish to calculate your Natal chart and get an interpretation of your chart, I have a script that will calculate this for you here: http://johncrowhurst.me/astro You will need to know the latitude and longitude of your birthplace, you can find this by using Alois Treindl’s Astrodienst Atlas Database


Numerology (or the study of numbers) is an ancient process. Everything revolves round numbers and your name and date of birth are important to calculating your Life Path, Character, Motivation and Personality. If you change your name, the effect of that name will take place over 7 years and is said to be completed in that time. If you marry someone, that 7 year itch is the time where the last changes of your last name take effect. It also takes 7 years for the effect of someone’s name to dissipate if you get divorced.

Use my Numerology calculator to find out more about you and the lessons you need to learn called Karmic Lessons, which could be things you need to learn to grasp or dispose of in some way over the life of your name.