About John Crowhurst

Hello I’m John Crowhurst. I was born on 1st January 1972 so I’m a New Year baby.

Running my own business

For many years I had dreamt of starting my own business and I sold floppy disks to students in the college. However my break came in February 2006 when I founded John’s Computer Support and later signed up with East Sussex Trading Standards scheme known as Buy With Confidence.

Over the years I realised that customers had trouble spelling the domain name, and I was being known as John The Computer Man or simply as Computer John, so I rebranded in 2014 as John The Computer Man.

My interest in Hypnosis

From an early age in secondary school I found that one of my maths class was boring so I took a pen and started to hypnotise a fellow classmate. I soon discovered that swinging a pen from side to side didn’t achieve satisfactory results. It turned out this was where traditional hypnotherapy went wrong.

In 2002, I discovered Ericksonian hypnosis. Milton H Erickson was a world famous hypnotherapist who contracted polio at an early age and through his experiences he learnt to induce a light state of trance easily. I trained with Uncommon Knowledge and later worked closely with Julia St James, who had trained with 2nd and 3rd generation Ericksonian hypnotherapists and went on to help created NLP trainer’s training.

I went on to research Dave Elman and other hypnotherapists and in 2011, I purchased two distance learning courses: Gerald Kein’s Ultra Height course, which is based on James Ramey’s Ultra Depth course, which was my second purchase.

With all this knowledge, I sat down and created my own hypnosis support website called 123Hypnotise.me that covers all aspects of hypnosis, including history and techniques used to master hypnosis complete with video tutorials.

My interest in NLP

Julia St James had a profound effect on my life, since she was instrumental in NLP trainer’s training I decided to seek out and learn to become an NLP practitioner.

In 2009, West One were offering weekend taster courses and so I signed up and was hooked. West One rebranded as Toby & Kate McCartney and I signed up for their NLP Practitioner and later Master Practitioner courses.

Autism diagnosis

In January 2018, I took an autism assessment and was diagnosed as autistic. It has had a profound effect on my life, and answered a lot of life long questions I had.

The assessment process takes 3-4 hours of observation as well as communication regarding different life aspects.

ADHD diagnosis

I helped out a friend who was visiting from the USA and she told me I had ADHD as well as autism, so I applied for an ADHD assessment and was subsequently diagnosed Predominantly Inattentive ADHD in February 2020. This form was formerly called ADD.

The process of diagnosis is different to autism because the process takes just 90 minutes of observation.

The ADHD diagnosis explained a lot more about my past and the reason why I did really badly in school and college even though I put the effort in. Unlike autism, treatment for ADHD often involves medication, but that medication works like glasses for the brain.