Unpicking the mystery of Epiploic Appendagitis

Prologue On 16th June 2017, my wife and I had a car crash. We were parked up and hit by a drunk driver. Unfortunately for us, we didn’t have time to strap in so we were flung around like something I can’t describe. The doctors and nurses who treated us were great, but  because I […]

Hidden settings in cars

Hidden settings in cars When modern cars are manufactured, there is a component called an Engine Control Unit (ECU) that is programmed to work with the components installed in the car. There are hidden settings for features the car doesn’t have yet or may become standard in the future, and there are language and regional […]

52 week challenge

This year I have decided to do the 52 week challenge. This is the UK and European version of the popular US money saver. Start with a clean empty jar, you then put £1 into the jar for week 1, £2 for week 2, and so on to £52 for week 52. After that year, […]

The eyes don’t lie

The eyes don’t lie is a popular saying, which made people think that it could be used for lie detection. The problem is that the eyes communicate the pattern the person is experiencing at that moment in time. If you ask someone to picture a purple tree, you will see their eyes go to Visual […]

Being mesmerised?

Where does “Being Mesmerised” come from? You would have thought it would come from Mesmer, Mesmer did create a theory he called “animal magnetism” or “mesmerism”  based on magnets to impede bleeding. However, it was James Braid, a Scottish surgeon who discovered that an altered state of consciousness could be induced through the use of […]

Post hypnotic suggestions

You may have come across the term “Post Hypnotic Suggestions” before.It is often implied in the wording that you get the suggestions after you have been hypnotised and are in the waking state. Hypnotic suggestions do not work in this way, you are hypnotised and enter the trance state before being brought back to the […]

Strategy Notation

Strategy Notation is often known as eye accessing cues but is actually the way to write down those eye accessing cues so they can be documented and possibly used to model a subject’s responses.


Willpower Complementary Therapy is a do-with culture, in that it requires your co-operation for its success. It doesn’t work like surgery, where a surgeon operates to remove the bad parts in your body. Willpower is the most important component of Complementary Therapy. You are not going to be able to lose weight or stop smoking […]

Primary and Secondary Gain

Primary Gain Primary gain refers to internal psychological motivators. For example, a client might feel guilty about being unable to perform a task. If he has a mental disorder, he might not feel so bad. Secondary Gain Secondary gain refers to external psychological motivators. For example, if a client’s problem allows him/her to miss work, avoid […]

The human body

Without a doubt the human body is amazing. We tend to think of the spine as being the connection between the brain and body, which serves as the central nervous system. This controls muscles and provides feedback from tendons and the skin. There is more to us than our muscles and skin. The Autonomic Nervous […]