Conservatory photos

When we moved into this house back in 1985, the garage had a corrugated asbestos roof and the conservatory had a corrugated plastic roof. In the great storm of 1987, a tile was dislodged and crashed through the garage roof and another tile crashed through the conservatory roof. My father replaced the garage roof with wood he salvaged from his employer (out of pallets and other wood) and laid a new roof on the garage and ever since then it leaked like a sieve. These are the photos taken prior to the last conservatory and garage refurbishment in 2005, where we removed glass panels and the conservatory roof and replaced them with clear polycarbonate sheeting and twin-wall polycarbonate roofing.

Before refurbishment

During refurbishment

2012 Street view image

It seems that Google haven’t done a Street view drive past for 10 years, so I’m including the image of my first car in the photos.

Looking closely at these pictures, the boiler was replaced in the 7 years the photo was taken but we hadn’t had the soffits nor fascia panels fitted as the original iron downpipe can just about be seen in the photo. It’s now a plastic pipe all the way down.

Also next door have a high fence that obscures the vision at this angle.