NLP Modelling

One of the most important thing about NLP is the ability to expand to your needs. Its a requirement of the Master Practitioner to extend NLP with your own models. The idea is to code your model using NLP code.

Coding is actually very simple but involves an understanding of sensory acuity:

  • Visual internal (Vi) – Images you create in your mind
  • Visual external (Ve) – Images you see with your eyes
  • Auditory internal (Ai) – Sounds you hear in your mind
  • Auditory external (Ae) – Sounds you hear with your ears
  • Kinaesthetic internal (Ki) – Feelings you remember and emotions
  • Kinaesthetic external (Ke) – Feelings you feel with your skin, or response with the body
  • Olfactory external (Oe) – Smell
  • Gustatory external (Ge) – Taste


So if you are picking an apple and don’t know whether it is a cooker or an eater: You see the apple tree (Ve) and then you pick the apple from the tree (Ke), take a bite (Ke) and then taste (Ge). If the taste is sour (Ge) take the pieces out of your mouth, pick the apples and place in your bag (Ke)  to take home if you are interested in cooking with them (Vi) Or if the taste is sweet (Ge) then pick the apples and place in your bag (Ke)  to take home.