The New you

Imagine in your head there is a map, this is called the map of reality. Everyone’s map is different because they have learnt in different ways, at different times and with different people.

On that map there are a load of different experiences that are connected to emotions and senses (the senses in NLP are called your modalities and the parts of these modalities are called submodalities)

When you were a child, you learnt how to make connections on the map to events, words or actions to each of your emotions. Whenever these events, words or actions occurred as a child, your childhood experiences were beneficial in your own survival.

As you grew up, these childhood reactions to the events serve to limit you. When you reset these connections and then relearn them as an adult, you can use adult skills to connect them in a way that best serves you as an adult.

Take a moment to look at yourself in a mirror, see your reflection and imagine that reflection as the new you, the you that you want to be. That new you has none of the bad traits you perceive to have, only the good traits that you wish to have. Now what would happen if you traded places with the new you?

Daydream on the possibilities the new you may have:
What else would you  do differently? What car would you  drive? What house would you live in? What man or woman would you have?

Would you rather trade places with the new you?

What is stopping you?