The power of the mind

In ordinary terms, we see the mind existing in two states, the conscious and unconscious states. We either do things while we think about them, like reading a paper or without thinking about them, like breathing or digesting food.

Since unconscious processes are seen as automatic, they can be seen as part of the body.

The conscious mind takes in inputs, compares memories and gives appropriate output. The conscious is the rational thinker.

The subconscious mind is the part of the mind that holds stores all the instructions on how the conscious thinks. A bit like a library of information and a road map of our experiences.

The super conscious mind holds personalities including the current personality as well as past personalities. The super conscious is often referred to as the higher conscious or soul.

Hypnosis works by providing a direct connection to the subconscious to make changes that are normally interfered with by the conscious. In deeper states of hypnosis the subconscious is more visible and the conscious mind takes more of a back seat role.

In hypnotic regression, the super conscious has a more defined role so lessons to be learnt from past lives can be accessed and solved. Through regression, emotional and mental problems can be simply dissolved.