The problem with this world

The biggest problem with this world is that there are companies that sell products that are not fit for purpose.

Take this safe I have featured in the featured image above.

It has a code panel and two keys to override the code, should the batteries fail.

However, the safe has a huge problem. It can be opened with a coat hanger pushed through the first LED. Watch this video for details.

The safe will cost you between £100-£200 to buy and you think it is going to protect your jewellery or other valuables when you bolt it in the wall or floor.

Code entry systems

The professional door entry systems locate the door controls in a secure location away from the key entry system which prevents tampering.

The problem with the cheaper entry systems is that the door control relay is located in the keypad box itself and can be compromised in a second with a magnet. Relying on a weak security system like this is bound to cause problems wherever you install it.

2TB memory sticks (that aren't)

I had a customer who had a problem with their laptop and had backed everything up to one of these 2TB memory sticks in blind faith that it would be truly capable of storing all his files.

Unfortunately, the memory stick could only store about 320MB and the rest was lost. Luckily for them, I managed to recover all the files from the hard drive.