The eyes don’t lie

The eyes don’t lie is a popular saying, which made people think that it could be used for lie detection. The problem is that the eyes communicate the pattern the person is experiencing at that moment in time. If you ask someone to picture a purple tree, you will see their eyes go to Visual […]

Strategy Notation

Strategy Notation is often known as eye accessing cues but is actually the way to write down those eye accessing cues so they can be documented and possibly used to model a subject’s responses.

Primary and Secondary Gain

Primary Gain Primary gain refers to internal psychological motivators. For example, a client might feel guilty about being unable to perform a task. If he has a mental disorder, he might not feel so bad. Secondary Gain Secondary gain refers to external psychological motivators. For example, if a client’s problem allows him/her to miss work, avoid […]

NLP Modelling

One of the most important thing about NLP is the ability to expand to your needs. Its a requirement of the Master Practitioner to extend NLP with your own models. The idea is to code your model using NLP code. Coding is actually very simple but involves an understanding of sensory acuity: Visual internal (Vi) […]

Breakthrough sessions

At the end of November this year, I (and 30 of my friends) completed the NLP Master Practitioner training in Ecclefechan, Scotland. One of the exercises was a breakthrough session, where we would be given someone who had a problem and would work with them until we had a solution to their problem in very […]

Evolution of NLP and Hypnosis

Just like in nature, where everything evolves over time, NLP and hypnosis are evolving. NLP was formed by a student and a teacher who got together to distil the best from the world famous therapists of the time. NLP is constantly being evolved by students that bring in unique NLP models. Also so much has […]


In the movie industry, a movie is a collection of still images. Each still image is called a frame. In NLP, a frame is a snapshot of how you perceive something. Your experiences are individual frames – you believe something at that moment. Reframing is the NLP technique to change that frame. Emotions are frames […]