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52 week challenge

This year I have decided to do the 52 week challenge.

This is the UK and European version of the popular US money saver.

Start with a clean empty jar, you then put £1 into the jar for week 1, £2 for week 2, and so on to £52 for week 52. After that year, you will have saved £1,378 in that jar. Ideal for a holiday or paying for a course or something equally enjoyable.

Below the image can be found the PDF files for the UK version and the European version.





Primary and Secondary Gain

Primary and Secondary Gain

Primary Gain Primary gain refers to internal psychological motivators. For example, a client might feel guilty about being unable to perform a task. If he has a mental disorder, he might not feel so bad. Secondary Gain Secondary gain refers to external psychological motivators. For example, if a client’s problem allows him/her to miss work, avoid… Continue Reading